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Care Tips & Tricks

Clean up spills immediately.
Some liquids can dull or even etch countertop surfaces. Blot spills as quickly as possible so they don’t penetrate your counter’s surface.
Protect your countertops.
Trivets protect your counters from heat, cutting boards prevent nicks and scratches (and protect your knives!), and coasters and placemats pro- vide a barrier against food and drink spills.
Avoid abrasive, acidic, and/or homemade cleaners.
Many household cleaners are too abrasive or acidic for stone counters and can scratch, etch, or dull the surface. Using only recommended cleaners such as Firstline ensures a longer life for your surface and, if you have purchased one, maintains the warranty on your countertops.
Don’t worry.
With simple daily cleaning and the use of trivets, cutting boards, and placemats, your countertops will maintain their original beauty for years to come.

Care Tips for Specific Materials

Simple cleaning requires only soap and water, but Artisan branded cleaning products are recommended for products under warranty. Professional sealing is needed every ten years, and occasional polishing may be required.
Quartz never needs polishing or sealing and resists heat, stains, bacteria, mold, and chemicals. Wipe away spills as soon as possible and clean with water or a mild cleanser. A Scotch Brite pad is recommended for stubborn spots.
Curava never needs to be sealed or waxed. Wipe up food and liquid spills quickly and use a damp cloth, sponge, or paper towel with a non-abrasive cleanser for day-to-day cleaning. Trivets or hot pads are recommended to protect Curava from direct heat.
Solid Surfaces:
For regular cleaning, warm soapy water, ammonia-based household cleaners, or a dedicated countertop cleaner is recommended. Avoid window cleaners, as they can leave a waxy build-up that dulls the surface. Solid surfaces are heat resistant but always use trivets or pads when placing hot objects on any surface.
Natural Marble:
For general cleaning, warm water and mild soap are recommended. Etching may occur if marble comes in contact with wine or acids, so wipe up spills immediately. Marble needs regular sealing and may need occasional polishing.
Clean soapstone surfaces with warm water and soap. Soapstone is susceptible to scratching and may develop a patina over time, although many believe that it enriches its character and beauty.

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